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AdQuire Select is the co-registration solution of choice for performance-driven, results-oriented advertisers who want to grow their opt-in email lists.


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How it works

AdQuire Select helps marketers find engaged consumers by leveraging co-registration sign-up ads distributed across our network of relevant third party publishers. For marketers and advertisers looking to grow email lists or generate new leads, AdQuire Select is backed by industry-leading technology, over a decade of acquisition marketing industry expertise, and Permission Data’s strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Benefits

Greater Reach and Scale
Other vendors may be able to serve a part of your order, but may not have the inventory you need. We have been doing this for years – adding sites and vetting one by one. Our network is now the largest high-quality co-registration network in the industry.

Carefully Curated Extensive List of Sites
To be added to the AdQuire Select Network, a publisher must go through a 5-step vetting process. As a result of going through this vetting process, Permission Data ensures that only great sites that really work for our advertisers are added.

Multivariate Targeting
With Permission Data’s huge network of AdQuire-approved sites, we start with a wide range of sites so we can hone in on the placements and consumer profiles that specifically meet an advertiser’s needs. Using AdQuire Select’s multivariate targeting capability, we go beyond the normal age, gender, and geography selects to allow an advertiser to define customer targets based on any criteria an advertiser wants.

Our Clients

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