Case Study



Miles Partnership used Permission Data for successful advertising campaigns for two of their Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) clients. Each client had different feeder markets they were targeting, where residents of those feeder markets have a higher propensity to travel to the designated destinations.  Each tourism advertiser had goals of locating people who were planning a trip to their destination within the next 3 months. Permission Data was tasked with finding these people online and gaining the users’ permission to collect their name, email address, and full postal address, so the clients could communicate to these users about local events, hotel and restaurant listings, and special offers during their upcoming stay.


The Solution


Through our AdQuire Select zip code level geo-targeting capabilities, Permission Data was able to identify people in feeder markets who would have an interest in traveling to the designated destinations within the next 3 months. Miles Partnership leveraged AdQuire Select’s ability to poll users with additional questions to ask them if they had traveled to the given destinations before.  This was valuable as it allowed Miles Partnership to customize their follow up strategy based on the consumer response.


Permission Data fulfilled each of the highly targeted campaign volume goals which averaged 10,000 leads per campaign, within 60 days

Miles Partnership evaluated the success of the campaigns based on open and click-thru rates from the welcome email, and also based on conversion analytics which showed if the user ended up traveling to the designated destination.

In partnership with Permission Data, we’ve developed customized executions to meet the needs of our clients- including eNewsletter sign-ups, travel guide requests, and co-op offer opt-ins.  The leads delivered well surpassed expectations and these high quality leads were imperative to the success of our campaigns.  Permission Data’s technology exudes quality and stands out from the crowd.