Case Study



Ignite Media Solutions offers pay-per-performance solutions as a marketing and consumer experience company.   Many of their clients have direct marketing offers to capture both leads and sales.   One of their clients engaged Ignite to acquire qualified e-mail leads for quick serve restaurants (QSRs).

The objective of the campaign was to collect qualified email leads for specific restaurants within a 15 mile radius of each restaurant location.  The goal was to develop a high volume of qualified leads where the quality is defined by the open rates of a follow-up e-mail as well as the redemption of the restaurant offer presented in that email.

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The Solution



We partnered with Permission Data to effectively build and manage the campaign.


Ignite partnered with Permission Data to effectively build and manage the campaign.

Permission Data provided excellent customer service to onboard their client and target leads based on the partner locations.  The process was quick and efficient and the campaign was up and running in little time.   Ignite worked with Permission Data to check the quality of leads and open rates, and were able to effectively look at the channel data and optimize which partners/channels were doing the best to maintain high quality without losing the required volume commitments.

Permission Data succeeded by not only hitting the lead volume targets, but also being one of the higher performing vendors in lead quality measurement.  The campaign resulted in tens of thousands of leads for their client in agreed upon timeframes.


Permission Data was able to deliver over 62,000 high quality opt-ins (over two campaigns) while keeping open-rates and engagement high through the value added Auto-Responder component.

We will continue to work with Permission Data in our lead generation programs.  They are responsive, operationally sound, strategic, and meet our metrics on virtually every campaign we give them.

Kyle Maddock

Ignite Media Solutions

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